[XMPP] Taking part in the first 'Require Encryption Day'

[XMPP] Taking part in the first 'Require Encryption Day'

Postby Nulani » Sat Jan 04, 2014 2:11 pm

https://github.com/stpeter/manifesto/bl ... ifesto.txt
http://xmpp.org/2014/01/security-test-d ... -jan-2014/

This means a couple of things:
  • Connections to Google and Google Apps are currently failing (as Google as of yet does not support encryption on XMPP)
  • Connections to a couple of servers fail as they do not support encryption (might be Google Apps)
  • Certain clients are currently failing to connect as they do not support a decently strong cipher (neko.im supports the following ciphers)

Edit: Done. Encryption will continue to be required for client connections.
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