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Server Restoration

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:01 am
by Nulani
I'll be spending today rebuilding things from scratch and restoring backups. I do apologise if some content is lost.

Edit: That took quite a while. There is still quite a lot to restore, but most sites will be coming back online gradually; I've decided to remove a few of the inactive sites and only enable them if the owners request I do.
  • Prosody/XMPP - Gateways are down for the time being.
  • Nulani
  • Neko - Webclient will be back eventually, I expect. It's possible it doesn't quite support SASL SCRAM or C2S Encryption; in which case it won't currently work with Prosody. Webclient is back. It now requires https://, my certificate is signed by It does seem a little bit sluggish to me, but it works - I'll try and find out why it is sluggish.
  • Blancmance
  • DrZepp
  • Avatars
  • Kagato
  • Adtrwiki
  • The Accurced Cabinet/Trillian
  • Yama

On hold:
  • KingdomZeal/Valhalla Forums - If you're from there, and you think there'd be interest in continuing that community; could you let me know and I'll create a subforum here. It's simply become too much work for me to keep that outdated installation of vBulletin running securely.
  • Carbonness